Watch this man play every Metallica song in just under four minutes


While Metallica fart around in the studio deciding whether or not to finish their follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic, we’ve been keeping tabs on YouTuber Rob Scallon, who’s been uploading videos as part of his May-tallica month. Clever, that.

So far, he’s plucked his way through Master Of Puppets on the banjo and strummed Blackened on a ukulele.

In his latest video, Scallon has stitched together the main parts of every Metallica track and condensed their studio output into one satisfying four-minute riff. Perfect then, for those who simply must listen to the bulk of their discography in the time it takes to brush their teeth and maybe put some pants on.

Watch the video below, then nominate your ‘Tallica riff in the comments below. Ooooh!

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