Louder's Tracks Of The Week: new music from Alice In Chains, Coheed And Cambria and more


Seattle grunge, post-hardcore and two whole prog songs – we have a slew of fresh new sounds on offer for you this week. But, as always, before we get started on that, it's time to say congratulations to the winners of last week's vote – in particular to LibraLibra, who scooped an impressive 54% of the vote.

3. Bad Religion - The Kids Are Alt-Right (tied with) Delaire, The Liar - Guilt & Recourse
2. Paul McCartney - Come On To Me
1. LibraLibra - Tongues

So, who will win your vote this week? There's only one way to find out, and that's by checking out the sounds on offer below. But first, let's take a look back at last week's winning song.

Alice In Chains - So Far Under

Alice In Chains are back! Seattle's premiere metal-grunge squad announced new album Rainier Fog on Wednesday, and dropped this riff-heavy single at the same time. On the track, vocalist William DuVall says: "It’s about feeling completely up against it – outnumbered, surrounded, facing seemingly unbeatable odds and being really pissed off about it. It was inspired by personal circumstances, as well as events in the wider world. But it’s not as resigned to defeat as it may seem."

Ninja Sex Party - Danny Don’t You Know

Okay, okay, we know: this sounds like it's going to be fucking terrible, but trust us here – it's actually brilliant. Imagine a beautiful Queer Eye pep talk delivered via the medium of an AOR ballad, infused with self-deprecating humour and starring a member of Stranger Things and you're just about there. This is the sort of life-affirmation we all need every once in a while. 

Coheed And Cambria - Unheavenly Creatures

Yo, nerds, this one's for you, as New York emo-proggers Coheed And Cambria pull out a full sci-fi epic for the video to latest single Unheavenly Creatures. As for the song, it's a half-plinky plonky, half-guitar-laden rager. Basically, it's very, very Coheed. On the influences to the track and video, frontman Claudio Sanchez says: "Science fiction seems to be the platform that I gravitate towards most – transforming my life and experiences into something a little more grandiose."

Clutch - How To Shake Hands

Maryland rockers Clutch unleash this follow up to 2015's Psychic Warfare, taken from upcoming album Book Of Bad Decisions. It's heavy, it's hard and it slaps – everything we've come to expect from Neil Fallon and his band. On the album, the band say: "It felt like a very inclusive title – it put the album in a chapter frame of reference… and it sounds heavy!"

Glassjaw - Golgotha

US post-hardcore group Glassjaw up the ante here, with this video for the newest single to be released from latest album Material Control. In this noir-tinged, black and white video, which comes complete with French sub-titles – because there's no better way to prove you're totes smart and than to use French sub-titles, duh – their furious, frantic din gets a suitably apocalyptic backdrop. On the track, the band say: "We had certain adjectives that the two of us would discuss about the record: post-apocalyptic and urgent." So there you go.

...aAnd? - Bear Hugs

Hey, kid, you like metal? Then you might want to check out this horrible racket from Bournemouth metallers aAnd..?. It's dirgey, it's riffy, and it's heavy as all fuck. On the track, the band say: "Bear Hugs is merely a question; asking why we think that we deserve a better world without creating it ourselves. The number of rational, liberal people in this world considerably outnumber the closed-minded and there is sense in everyone. For some reason we have chosen the people with ideals to run most of the administration, which then leaves us unhappy with roughly 50% of the decision making. It would be easy to remove the ideals and focus on solving individual problems but we don’t."

The Paradox Twin - Moonblood

Two prog songs in one week? We are surely spoiling you. Here we have the latest track to be shared from The Paradox Twin's upcoming album The Importance Of Mr Bedlam, with guests spots from not just one but two prog-world luminaries: Kim Seviour and John Mitchell. On the track, the band say: "Moonblood is one of the key tracks on the album with the lyrical theme based around Mrs Bedlam who doesn’t believe her husband when he tells her about his alien abductions. She tells him that they are ‘only dreams’ and Mr Bedlam wishes that his wife could get inside the dreams with him and see the horror he has been experiencing."

Tailblock - Heavy Arms

This Kent trio are apparently "poised to break out this year", and as this track shows, they're fluent in the kind of post-hardcore that fans of Rival Schools, Reuben and Far might enjoy. If that sort of thing's yer bag, consider this your chance to discover 'em early.

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