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Linkin Park's In The End sung by 183 movies

The internet truly is a wonderful place. At one end we have kitten Vines, and the other we have nu-metal movie mashups.

The latest one to catch our eye is Linkin Park’s monolithic hit In The End from YouTuber The Unusual Suspect. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of Chester Bennington and co., if you have a sense of humour then you’re going to enjoy this.

There are 183 movies in total in the mashup, we’re not going to name them all but there’s everything from Big Hero 6, Bruce Almighty and Pulp Fiction through to Team America, 300 and Jurassic Park. We’ve also got to give a big shoutout to the use of Darth Vader too. You’ll see what we mean…

If you can name all 183 without looking at the YouTube description then you’re a bigger movie buff than us. And have farrrr too much time on your hands. Go outside.