Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia: 10 albums that changed my life

(Image credit: Will Ireland)

As singer with Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia has done more than most to put Italian metal on the global map. Here she reveals the 10 albums that have shaped her life and career.

The first album I bought was…

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1983)


“The first thing I bought with my own money was the 45rpm vinyl of Billie Jean. It was really big when I was a little girl – the sensation of the moment, the ‘Wow, I want it!’”

My favourite album artwork is

Paradise Lost – Draconian Times (1995)


“I really like that they put a lot of effort in the make-up and hair of the models. It’s a very melancholic concept, but it fits perfectly with that album, which is one of my favourite ever.”

The album I wish I’d made is…

Pink Floyd – The Wall (1979)


“That is the album. It’s magic. You really enter into it when you listen to it – the concept of it, the way they delivered it, the way they played it, the way they sung it. It still has a huge impact now after so many years. Incredible.”

A kid asks me what metal is, I hand them a copy of …

Metallica – Metallica (1991)


“I found metal with The Black Album. The music, the attitude, the spirit of it. It was one of the first albums that really changed music. Before that it was different in terms of riffs, rhythm, lyrics – everything was different.”

The album I break the speed limit to is…

Type O Negative – October Rust (1996)


Type O Negative were one of the bands that made me decide I wanted to play this type of darker music. When you listen to Type O, you get at one with the music, in a special bubble.”

The album I want to be remembered for is…

Lacuna Coil – Comalies (2002)


“I’m really grateful to that album because it made us become more popular as a band. There’s not a recipe for success, so you can have the best album in the world and not make the big jump to become a popular band, or an unknown and respected band.”

No one will believe I have a copy of…

Lady Gaga – Born This Way (2011)


“I like it, it has good songs, but the previous album was a bit more sophisticated. I think the one before sounded more genuine. I like things when they’re more spontaneous than contrived.”

The album that should not be is…

Lou Reed/Metallica – Lulu (2011)


“I hate to bash other people’s art, because it’s their expression and everyone should be free to do whatever they want. I really appreciate the fact that they tried to do something different. I’m convinced that they did it because they wanted to have a good time, and they wanted to experiment. But sometimes experiments fail.”

The album that broke my heart is…

Faith No More – Angel Dust (1992)


“It was a specific time of my life. I was going through big relationship problems, so everything was emotional to me. I think the album’s excellent – I love it.”

The album I want played at my funeral is…

Queen – Innuendo (1991)


“I would either want something funny to leave my friends behind in a happy mood, but it’s pretty impossible, because whoever will come to my funeral will be sad no matter what. So we’ll do something dramatic like The Show Must Go On. Something hopeful, but it’s kind of ‘It’s time for me to go.’”

Published in Metal Hammer #237