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Heavy Metal World Cup: Parkway Drive vs Ghost

Parkway Drive vs Ghost

The fifth match in the opening round of the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018 pitches Parkway Drive (representing Australia) against Ghost (representing Sweden). 

Both bands released new albums this year – Ghost with Prequelle and Parkway Drive with Reverence – and both are eyeing up bigger things. Parkway recently announced an arena run of the UK for next year, and Ghost keep revealing more and more shows in the USA.

Parkway Drive

Members: 5
Albums: 6
Genre: Metalcore
Biggest Song: Carrion
Most Likely To: Snap your necks to this


Members: 1? Maybe? With some nameless friends? And a new Papa? Err.
Albums: 4
Genre: Occult rock
Biggest Song: Square Hammer
Most Likely To: See the light