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Babymetal win the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018


It's official: Babymetal are the winners of this year's Heavy Metal World Cup.

They won the first tournament back in 2014 and have managed to make it the double after defeating Nepal's Underside in the final. It was a close fought battle with the Japanese trio winning with just 59.95% of the vote, so Underside should not be disappointed with the loss.

The World Cup, which started with bands representing 16 nations, saw Babymetal fend off Alestorm, Within Temptation and Immortal to reach the final, with Underside knocking out Wrust, Sepultura and Rammstein.

Heavy Metal World Cup final brackets

Babymetal are yet to comment on their monumental win, but their fans (and detractors) are likely to be very vocal. Following their victory in the 2014 tournament, this video was posted on YouTube.