Heavy Metal World Cup: Burgerkill vs Sepultura

Burgerkill vs Sepultura

The second match of the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018 takes place between Burgerkill (representing Indonesia) and Sepultura (representing Brazil).

This is anyone's game. Burgerkill have a rabid fanbase in their home country, and made headway in the UK making their Bloodstock debut in 2015, but Sepultura are legends in heavy music, releasing genre-defining albums back in the '90s.

Here's how they stack up...


Members: 5
Albums: 5
Genre: Groove/death metal
Biggest Song: Under The Scars
Most Likely To: Collaborate with Dom Lawson


Members: 4
Albums: 14
Genre: Groove/thrash metal
Biggest Song: Roots Bloody Roots
Most Likely To: Refuse and resist

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