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Sleep Token
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With their third full-length album Take Me Back To Eden, masked collective Sleep Token have crossed over from cult phenomenon to full-blown metal sensation.  The band might not be offering any insights into what is happening in their world, but that hasn't stopped audiences around the world falling in love with their unique blend of tech metal, alternative and R&B. 

From being dubbed metal's sexiest band on TiKTok to seeing their Spotify stats balloon (from approximately 250,000 monthly listeners in January to over 2 million at the time of writing) to selling out a headline tour in the US, the band's growth illustrates just how much their mysterious lore has captured the imagination of fans from around the world. 

It's anyone's guess where Sleep Token will go next - after all, we doubt they'll deign to give us another interview any time soon - but at this point it's evident that Sleep Token's success is as much due to fan interest as it is to their commitment to crafting a religion-like lore. 

That in mind, we want to know how you feel about Sleep Token's third album Take Me Back To Eden - does it meet the hype? Is it as good as 2021's This Place Will Be Your Tomb? Will the band break into the Top 10 this time?

Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter, and use the handy vote below to tell us how you'd score the album out of ten. As with our Babymetal and Metallica polls, at the end of the week we'll collate the best responses and share your views with the world. 

And if you've not heard Take Me Back To Eden yet, there's a Spotify link at the bottom of the page for you to explore to your heart's content. Happy listening!

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