More extreme metal bands need cheesy album covers

(Image credit: ECDEMASAEM)

Facebook takes up a lot of our time, and a huge chunk of that is dedicated lookng at – deep breath – Extremely Cheesily Drawn Extreme Metal Album Scenes and Extreme Memes. It. Is. AMAZING.

From Darkthrone, Possessed and Death to Gojira, the Faceless and Cannibal Corpse, the page reimagines these bands' iconic album artwork as crude, child-like digital scribblings and it's quite frankly genius – and hilarious. The smiley face skulls? Inspired.

The creator, who prefers to remain anonymous and go simply by the ridiculously long acronym of ECDEMASAEM, says they started doing the cheesy drawings before the page was even a pipe dream. 

"I had about 10 or so completed before I showed them to an artist whom I love and asked if they thought it would be a good idea to start a page. I asked because I was hoping the original artists wouldn't find my crude depictions offensive.

"I wanted to create a page where I could not only share these dumb drawings, but give the credit (that usually goes unnoticed) to the amazing artists behind the originals.

"I also try my best to spread positivity through the metal scene. There are way too many people who take themselves too seriously. Having these light-hearted drawings takes a step back from that, and hopefully throws a smile on some people's faces, and remind them that metal isn't about being a tough guy."

What does ECDEMASAEM use to create these masterpieces?

"No fancy software, or hardware. I don't use paint, but I wouldn't say what I do use is any better," they say.

Well count us impressed. And Revocation are too, as they've shared every single one of their cheesified album covers. "It means a lot as they're a favorite of mine," says ECDEMASAEM. "And they're a band that got me more into death metal years ago."

ECDEMASAEM's illustrations used to be less "cheesy" – scroll back far enough and you can see they are quite the artist – but following popular demand they ramped up the cheesiness and made the drawings even rougher. The results are absolutely hilarious.

Plus, the page shares memes too, win win.

We've picked out a few of our faves and put them side by side with the originals to compare. Make sure you check out the page and give it a "like" to spread the cheesy goodness. 

(Image credit: ECDEMASAEM/Mortician)

(Image credit: ECDEMASAEM/Cannibal Corpse)

(Image credit: ECDEMASAEM/Darkthrone)

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(Image credit: ECDEMASAEM/Cattle Decapitation)