Get ready for Halloween with iconic cover artwork Death masks!

(Image credit: Relapse Records/Future )

Death, the influential and iconic original Florida death metallers, are releasing some very special merch just in time for Halloween – and it's fucking brilliant!

We know what you are thinking, "it's only just September!" But, we can't be the only goths looking forward to the crisp Autumn air, leaves falling from the trees and being able to don your leather jacket and boots without sweating buckets, not to mention every metalhead's favourite holiday: Halloween! (the only time of year regular stores stock goth homewares).

So, celebrate this most sacred time of year and your love of metal and grab one of Relapse Record's special edition Death t-shirts or hoodies, with an updated pumpkin orange, halloween logo or their super limited edition cover artwork retro masks!

The mask album set celebrates the iconic cover artwork for Scream Bloody GoreLeprosy, and Spiritual Healing, with each 3D mask made out of sturdy PVC material – making the perfect, easy peasy Halloween costume!

Each mask comes housed in its own collectible custom box together with a download code for each respective album too – easily worth £29.99 price tag! – and Relapse assure us they'll arrive in time for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties!

Check out the full Halloween collection below:

(Image credit: Relapse Records)

(Image credit: Relapse Records)

(Image credit: Relapse Records)