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The Faceless - In Becoming A Ghost album review

Tech-death pioneers complete their return from exile

The Faceless - In Becoming A Ghost album

Helping to shape the technical death metal landscape with debut Akeldama and the exemplary Planetary Duality a decade ago, a revolving-door policy on members and limited touring seemed to consign The Faceless to the scrapheap. Yet 2012’s Autotheism showed band leader Michael Keene had plenty of fire and imagination left, exploring more elaborate, progressive realms. It’s an evolution that’s grown exponentially on their latest effort, mixing complex dissonance and audacious passages with even more angular textures, demented strings and a none-more-70s flute solo – all in the first song. Bound together by a narrative that weaves in daring, vicious instrumentation and gorgeous vocal melodies that prog metal visionaries Enslaved would be proud of, In Becoming A Ghost really delivers on its startling scope and absorbing nature, propelling the band from the ‘what might have been’ to ‘what next?’