Dom's Iron Sandwich: Opeth – Sorceress

Dom Lawson

In the latest episode of Iron Sandwich, Metal Hammer’s resident bearded curmudgeon Dom Lawson reviews the latest album from Opeth. It’s no secret that Dom is an Opeth superfan and in the below video digs deep into his love and investigates where the latest record fits in the band’s expansive back catalogue.

As a fan of Opeth’s more progressive output, of which Sorceress is very much a part, Dom has been listening to the album on repeat for the past month and SPOILER ALERT he rather likes it. Watch the review below see a posh coffee-fuelled metalhead delight in the heaviness and progginess of the Swedes’ twelfth album, and why experimentation is key to a band’s survival.

Plus, there’s a fun factoid about a certain 1980s children’s TV show, so keep an eye out for that.

Sorceress is out September 30, via Nuclear Blast.

Opeth's track by track guide to Sorceress