Five things I can't live without: Creeper's Will Gould

Will Gould of Creeper
(Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

Our lives are filled with clutter and we seem to accumulate junk without even really trying. During the time it took you to read that sentence, you’ve amassed two boxes of stuff that are destined for the charity shop. Scary, isn’t it? Every week, we’ll be putting musicians on the spot and challenging them to name the five items they really couldn’t live without.

First up to the imaginary plate is Creeper frontman Will Gould

5. My record collection

Will: “It would be impractical to cart around but I’d have to keep my vinyl collection. There’s some really rare AFI stuff in there that I’d be gutted to lose. Vinyl stands the test of time as well. It never loses its value like other formats of music.”

4. My iPhone

“I’m trying to think of something that I would go crazy without, and I don’t want to say my iPhone but I think I probably have to. It’s a bit of a boring choice, but an essential one because I do everything on my phone. I need it for work and for music, plus I spend all my time on the Internet: I don’t post as much as I used to, but I’m always there lurking in the background. Ian [Miles, Creeper guitarist] and I both have the Monopoly app on our phones too, and we played each other every day on tour. So I can’t imagine life without my iPhone – sadly.”

3. A pair of Dr Martens Vegan 1461

“I’m vegan, which is a nightmare but I have to do it because I can’t not, so my third choice would have to be my Dr Martens. They’re vegan as well. I’ve had the same pair for the whole duration of Creeper. I’ve always had the same pair of shoes: I wear them all day and I play in them every night and they’ve stood through all kinds of crazy shit. And they’re vegan, so they’re not even made from leather, but they still do all the same things.”

2. Vegan cheese

“Number two for me would be Violife cheese, which is the closest I’ve ever found to real cheese. I’m addicted to pizza and we always order it on tour because it’s something you can get anywhere, and Violife is the most realistic vegan cheese out there. I have it on pasta all the time, too. I’m vegan purely for ethical reasons, not for taste reasons, so I’d need something to quench my thirst for dairy.”

1. Argan hair oil

“I think number one would be Argan oil. I’ve grown my hair quite long in recent years but I have really coarse hair, so it just frizzes out all the time and looks awful. But this Argan oil is incredible: get out of the shower and put it in your hair and you’ll have smooth hair all day. People always ask my about hair products, for some weird reason, and Argan oil is my top tip, so I definitely couldn’t live without that. I’d look awful without it. These are the five things I would have to have if I was stranded on a desert island…”

Creeper’s The Stranger is out now through Roadrunner. Will was speaking to Matt Stocks.