Breaking Bands' Record Of The Week: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Record Of The Week comes from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, a band who’ve been earning their stripes by relentless touring. The Mansfield, Pennsylvania quartet will have been on your radar if you’re a big fan of deathcore, however, their next release suggests a shift away from that genre and scene. The quartet – vocalist Storm Strope, guitarist Wyatt McLaughlin, bassist Anthony Madara and drummer Christian Fisher –have been experimenting with their sound on their forthcoming album, Soulless Hymns.

Some people have compared them to Flint, Michigan’s King 810, but I disagree! What makes The Last Ten Seconds Of Life a more interesting proposition is Strope’s vocal range and the four’s musical ideas on this release which add depth to their rounded sound.

Check out North Of Corpus below:

Sophie K