VIDEO: Watch Vintage Trouble perform 'Run Like The River' acoustically


If you want a way to burn off the Christmas calories, we have just the thing: earlier in the year, Vintage Trouble visited TeamRock HQ and performed a stunning acoustic version of Run Like The River, a track from 1 Hopeful Road, the follow-up to 2014’s The Swing House Acoustic Sessions. It’s one of the best sessions we’ve filmed.

Run Like The River is the song where singer Ty Taylor traditionally launches himself into the audience at shows. ”So many people including my family are worried about the safety of it and everything,” he tells Penny Black Music. “But, first of all, I dive forward and more so than crowd surfing I crowd swim… because reputation is preceding it a little bit, I can tell once Run Like The River starts, people start running towards where they think I’m going to jump.“

There’s no jumping or swimming during this performance, but the results are no less spectacular.