Wobbler - From Silence To Somewhere album review

White Willower Lars Fredrik Frøislie’s fantastic love letter to classic prog

Wobbler - From Silence To Somewhere album artwork

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Wobbler are part of vintage keyboards collector and bandleader Lars Fredrik Frøislie’s vast body of work centred around his love for prog, with each of his musical adventures specifically mapped out. If White Willow have always been about pushing their boundaries into the mainstream, In Lingua Mortua try to mix it with black metal, while Tuskmørke take us into the rabbit hole for a Lewis Carroll acid trip. The oldest of the bunch, Wobbler, may wrongly appear as the most conservative as they solely focus on the golden era of the genre, but From Silence To Somewhere finds Frøislie finally reaching the zenith he’s been seeking for over two decades. Not as openly symphonic and grand as its predecessor, 2011’s Rites At Dawn, there’s something almost reclusive yet never constrained about From Silence To Somewhere, as if they had retreated to an isolated cabin to create it. Yet their sound is crisp and as warm as a comfy winter evening spent in front of a fireplace. And even if the Jon Anderson falsetto and the Rickenbacker attack emphasise the Yes lineage, the largely folk element in how those three epics (plus one short instrumental) are smartly arranged is all theirs.