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Vola album review – Inmazes

Synth-saturated riffage from genre-defying Scandinavians Vola, reviewed here

Vola, 'Inmazes' album cover

The debut full-length from this Copenhagen quartet is a curious proposition: sweeping, ascendant synthesizers and djent riffs, piped through Rammstein’s industrial aesthetic.

A lesser band might struggle to meld the influences apparent here – swerving from club-ready trance to bludgeoning metal, via anthemic choruses that somehow manage to channel both Opeth and ELO – but Vola’s precision-crafted heaviness is rounded by Asger Mygind’s almost entirely clean vocals, resulting in a smorgasbord of competing flavours that’s (mostly) successful.

The gear-change from the understated shimmer of Owls into the sheet-metal guitars of Your Mind Is A Helpless Dreamer is particularly jarring – in the best way – but stabs of dubstep bass on the latter sound tacked-on. Then, just as the band seem to have made the destination clear, Emily invokes the introspective electronica of Massive Attack and A Stare Without Eyes takes us into nu metal territory. Inmazes is an eclectic, invigorating listen from a band with a joyful inability to stay in their generic lane.