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Touché Amoré: Is Survived By

Hardcore scene-leaders widen their scope

Rightly celebrated as one of modern hardcore’s most unique and intensely emotional bands, Touché Amoré follow up 2011’s excellent Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me with another stunning flesh-exposing, raw collection of the highest quality.

With previous albums being more built upon driving power and a whole lot of heart, this time out there’s an added dimension of melancholic, beautiful musical explosions on top of that steady foundation. A near-cinematic soundscape, managing to haul and wrench the heartstrings without ever leaning into the pretentious, can be found on the intricate Praise/Love and reaches a zenith on the incredible album stand-out, Non Fiction.

No matter how delicate the soundtrack, they’re often still stabbed with serial killer-like fervour by Jeremy Bolm’s harrowing and impassioned vocals. Bolm’s soul-bearing, borderline-unnerving delivery is unrelenting and the ability to come across as heartfelt and pure ahead of arty and contrived cannot be understated in today’s musical landscape.

In a world of try-hards and wannabes, Touché Amoré stand out like a chainsaw in a world full of bread knives. Is Survived By is another masterpiece from one of the best bands in hardcore.