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Tomb Of Finland: Below The Green

Finnish metal collective take a trip into the cold

The Finnish metal scene is no stranger to the concept of the underground supergroup and the curiously named Tomb Of Finland certainly approaches that, with members and ex-members of bands such as Charon, And Oceans and Enochian Crescent on board.

Distinctly Finnish in sound, the debut album proves a promising affair that demonstrates the band’s ability to produce epic and melodic extreme metal without wandering into overly polished or slick results.

Embittered and aggressive, and with an obvious knack for a catchy hook, the songs here are clearly carefully constructed, the texturing on the mid-paced material adding a definite sense of depth to proceedings. Though lacking the progressive overtones of bands such as Amorphis or Barren Earth, there’s a similarly gothic and early Paradise Lost-esque vibe evident within the doomy death metal, the emotive leads, tasteful use of synth and regular touches of melancholy make this a memorable outing.