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Thy Antichrist - Wrath Of The Beast album review

Colombia’s black/thrash battalion move their base of operations

Cover art for Thy Antichrist - Wrath Of The Beast album

For Thy Antichrist – who have been on the black metal scene for almost 20 years – their location in Colombia meant that their career hit a stagnation point for quite a while. Releasing only one previous full-length in 2004, the band moved themselves to the US in order to ramp up their ability to get themselves heard. Rooted in the thrashier side of black metal, and bringing in occasional Latin-style guitar, Thy Antichrist have finally hit a stride that should see them make waves with their sophomore record, Wrath Of The Beast. Third track The Great Beast is a wickedly fun ride that has no right to be as catchy as it is, the chorus alone proving worth your money, and in vocalist Antichrist 666 the band has a leader who is fire and fury personified.