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Thorcraft Cobra: Count It In

It takes two, baby.

Duos? Gotta love ‘em now. No more simpering Peter & Gordon or Paul & Barry Ryan. Instead, it’s in your face with The White Stripes and The Black Keys. Cut the crap. Forget George & Ringo, it’s all about John & Paul.

Or in this case, Billy & Tammy. “Canada cold meets California cool,” as the press release glibly puts it. Actually, it’s a lot better than that; Beatles For Sale without the fatigue. He strums a mean guitar and sings; she drums and sings too.

The opening Count Me Out is a hard, measured put-down of the right-wing morons who are freezing American politics. No reply. A couple of tracks later, Party Clock tells you that you showed up late. Too bad. But it’s so good, they play it again at the end with a different edit. And this time you’re singing along – ‘Too bad the party’s over/A shame ’cos you missed quite a time’.

By now their style is under your skin and you’ll be humming bits at inappropriate moments for weeks to come. Which can’t be bad.