The Treatment: Running With The Dogs

Camebridgeshire rockers swing back into action

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The Treatment’s 2012 tours with Kiss and Mötley Crüe have clearly paid off because Running With The Dogs is a mature, confident album that’s a few notches up from the band’s 2010 debut.

The songs veer from balls-out rockers like Bleed Rock & Roll and Get The Party On to the power pop of Don’t Get Mad Get Evil. Everything is kept simple and catchy, yet the musicianship is fresh enough to make it slide along with a sense of true spontaneity.

Naturally much here is rooted in the 80s, but it certainly has a modern edge, which comes through on songs like Emergency and Cloud Across The Sun, where The Treatment prove they’ve got what it takes to display subtlety and depth.

Perhaps two or three tracks could have been cut to make this a more focused package, but the Cambridge crew do more than enough to establish Running… as being among the best melodic rock albums of recent years.