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The Red Paintings: The Revolution Is Never Coming

Australia’s Trash McSweeney blends genres from indie to art-rock.

Heavily fan-funded, (hoards of friends and supporters also populate the album’s choral and orchestral ensembles), The Revolution Is Never Coming distils five years’ constant toil by Australian composer, artist and animal rights activist, Trash McSweeney.

His concerns, influences and grandiose visions result in this contemporary, thought-provoking collection that blends musical identities. Brooding opener Vampires Are Chasing Me is Radiohead meets light electronica juxtaposed against choir and strings. Wasps is a UFO-themed journey from space-pop into industrial rock territory and minor epic Fall of Rome vacillates between tender poignant acoustic passages and big guitars and a full orchestra.

These jostling styles continue. You’re Not One Of Them and It Is As It Was hint at American indie rock, even Nickelback in places. Elsewhere strains of Tool or Vapor Trails-era Rush materialise (Dead Children, The End Of Walls), and a compelling mixture of quiet reflection and visceral catharsis.

Add to this their ambitious online presence, performance art and more multimedia strands, and The Red Paintings emerges as a project that richly deserves more attention.