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The Nomads: Solna

Clearing out the garage.

he Nomads were the Swedish band worshipping at the altar of garage rock when The Hives were merely a twinkle in Iggy Pop’s eye. Solna, their eighteenth album in a 31-year career, sees them on as effervescent form as ever – if anything, more so now that garage rock clusterfuck of

Despite helping found the scene in their home country, Solna finds The Nomads adding textures and flavours from elsewhere, pouring in pure Rolling Stones-inspired rock’n’roll (You Won’t Break My Heart), gothic atmospheres (The Bad Times Will Do Me Good), punkabilly (American Slang) and even, on 20,000 Miles, moments of Sugar-coated Bob Mould melodicism.

Proof, once more, that you can do an awful lot of good with three chords and a heart full of good intentions.