The Last Vegas: Bad Decisions

Chicacago sleaze rockers soak up the best of the West

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Stick around long enough and everything comes back around. Last Vegas vocalist Chad Cherry (full disclosure: that’s probably not the name he grew up with), describes his band as something entirely new, as ‘Skynyrd Punk’.

Chad’s a singer in a hard rock band; they’re programmed to say stuff like that. It might sound like a criticism, it’s not, but there’s nothing new about The Last Vegas. Formed in 2005, Nikki Sixx picked them up and released Whatever Gets You Off four years later; they even appeared on the Crüefest tour.

Understandably, it’s not hard to imagine them playing on the Sunset Strip at the tail-end of the 80s on a bill with a band like Junkyard (who signed a deal with Geffen and released something akin to a classic debut album before burning out), all low-slung guitars, extraneous scarves on the mic stand, and their sound a glittering hybrid of Cheap Trick, Crüe and even the Hellacopters. She’s My Confusion and Other Side are almost impeachable; the rest of the album’s no slouch either.