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The Contortionist: Language

US progressive rockers continue to push their boundaries

Indiana’s The Contortionist return with a new full-length as well as an all-new vocalist to take a journey into even deeper progressive territory full of time signature-bending and genre-busting brilliance.

And what a journey Language is. As atmospheric opener The Source gives way to two-parter Language I: Intuition and Language II: Conspire, it’s apparent that the six-piece have taken a serious step up in musicianship and songwriting ability on their third album, as they flow from ambient moments through to heavier, razor-sharp tech metal passages, whereas tracks such as Primordial Sound and Arise dip their toes further into space rock waters while evoking the likes of Rush. New frontman Michael Lessard is the real star, though, as he switches from quiet, haunting moments through to soaring highs and guttural growls. The Contortionist have continued to push their boundaries and have reached a new plateau.

Via Eone Music/Good Fight