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Tear Out The Heart: Dead, Everywhere

Missouri metalcore mob eventually prove their credentials

With a horribly cheesy and po-faced spoken word passage, Dead, Everywhere neither starts promisingly nor immediately stands out from the metalcore hordes with its beatdowns, screams and now de rigueur electronic bleeps and bloops.

But, slowly and surely, as its layers are revealed and its choruses begin to cling onto your subconscious for dear life, Dead, Everywhere proves to be a very good album.

There’s a nod to former Victory label stalwarts like Thursday and Taking Back Sunday in the emotive vocals and double time kick of School Of Bleeders, and more than a touch of deathcore’s sonic boom throughout. Often the two elements combine to great effect, none more so than on the brilliant The Rejected.

The songs are consistently of a high standard, even if the formula is well established, and the production and musicianship on display are always exemplary. This could have been just another metalcore outfit, but give Tear Out The Heart a chance and they’ll prove themselves to be worth persisting with./o:p