Tarja – Act II album review

Operatic singer extraordinaire Tarja shines at different scales in Act II

Tarja - Act II cover

Talk about a tale of contrasts. What Tarja does on the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the multi-format Act II is to bring together both an intimate performance at Metropolis Studios in London and a grandiose presentation from Teatro della Luna Allago in Milan. 

However, the CD and LP formats of this release focus on the Milan show. This spans her entire career, even dipping into the Nightwish era for Ever Dream, Slaying The Dreamer and The Riddler. It also has a stylised cover of Muse’s Supremacy and an astonishing take on the classic James Bond Goldfinger theme. 

Tarja’s operatic vocal prowess is certainly ideal for the overblown symphonic approach in Milan, and this is when she’s at her best. But she can also rein back and allow the musical emotions to percolate. A true quality display. 

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Tarja – Act II tracklist


1. No Bitter End
2. 500 Letters
3. Eagle Eye
4. Demons In You
5. Lucid Dreamer
6. Shameless
7. The Living End
8. Calling From The Wild
9. Supremacy
10. Tutankhamen/Ever Dream/The Riddler/Slaying The Dreamer


1. Goldfinger
2. Deliverance
3. Acoustic Set: Until Silence/The Reign/Mystique Voyage/House Of Wax/I Walk Alone
4. Love To Hate
5. Victim Of Ritual
6. Undertaker
7. Too Many
8. Innocence
9. Die Alive
10. Until My Last Breath