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Suffocate For Fuck Sake - In My Blood album review

Enigmatic Swedes delve into the dark side of history

Cover art for Suffocate For Fuck Sake - In My Blood album

Little-to-nothing is known about these Swedes. After nine years of silence, only one thing is sure: they aim to challenge you in every way possible with their second full-length. The concept album deals with the forced sterilisation of mentally challenged persons in Sweden until the 1970s, and the band translate the subject into a minimalist yet crushing mixture of screamo, post-rock and experimentation. There’s an ebb and flow of energy, and piano and string parts that sound almost threatening are interrupted by bursts of raw emotion. The eerie atmosphere is amplified by distant whistling and babies crying. While the Swedish spoken-word samples leave many foreign listeners clueless, the album’s oppressive feel is comprehensible in any language.