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Seether - Poison The Parish album review

South African post-grunge trio keep to the lucrative middle road

Cover art for Seether - Poison The Parish album

Seether are one of those bands whose albums should rightly receive two ratings: one for those with a casual interest, and one for fans. The South Africans are 15 years into an illustrious career built on a particular brand of angsty nu grunge, and it’s something at which they undeniably excel. You know what you’re getting with Seether: Nirvana guitar tones, neck-snapping groove, and Shaun Morgan grating his vocal cords against angst-ridden lyrics like ‘I have no hand to hold in this assisted suicide.Poison The Parish isn’t by any means a bad album, but it’s hard to escape the feeling that it’s all been done before. That said, Betray And Degrade, Let You Down and Saviours are all genuine earworms. Ultimately, this is a competent radio rock record that’s a little too long and ends on a mediocre ballad. It won’t be the last album of 2017 to fit that description, but it will likely be one of the better ones.