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Scarred By Beauty: Cape Zero

Denmark’s angst-free hardcore crew keep it honest

In a stand against heavy music becoming a parody of itself through over-zealous angst and anger, this Danish metalcore band keep their lyrics grounded and their attitude a real reflection of themselves and their life experiences.

Formed by brothers Daniel and Dennis Leszkowicz on guitar and drums, and friend and frontman Jonathan Albrechtsen in 2006, this approach explains their cheerful attitudes and goofy photos.

Back in 2009, their We Swim EP won Talent Of The Year at the Danish Metal Awards. The band’s ability to write memorable and intelligent tracks still goes strong. Ikaros, Egypt, I Am Dying and the strangely titled Follow But My Heart show off infectious gang shouts, tumbling riffs, satisfyingly jarring mathcore and some impressive gasping, gritty roars from Jonathan.

Progressive metal adeptly mixed with classic hardcore roots, Scarred By Beauty’s sound is the result of honesty, close friendships and the exciting mesh of varied musical tastes. It is amazing how uplifting something so furious can be.