Sabbath Assembly: Ye Are Gods

Occult rock with an eerie ambience.

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For the second time, Sabbath Assembly use the teachings of 1960s cult The Process Church Of The Final Judgement to fashion a strange, slightly disturbing album. The Process Church felt that God and Satan will one day reunite to judge humanity, and this album sets some of their genuine prayers to a music that’s psychedelic, folky and throbbing with grace and charm.

Original church member Timothy Wyllie guests here, as does Jamie Myers from Wolves In The Throne Room. The latter provides male vocal counterpoints to the sensually pliable female tones of Jamie Myers, while Genesis P.Orridge narrates with ominously apocalyptic relish.

The whole mood of the album is by turns beautiful and brutal. There’s a definite hippie feel throughout, with the idea postulated, and then hammered home, that love will be our salvation. Moreover, it will apparently be love that brings together Christianity and Satanism. This may sound naive, but it’s presented with such a sense of drama that it overcomes any logical objections.

You don’t have to believe in these teachings to enjoy the music. This is such a charismatic album it doesn’t need any religious fervour.