Plasmatics Live! Rod Swenson’s Lost Tapes 1978-81 review

Rare footage of a truly remarkable band

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Plasmatics, and frontwoman Wendy O Williams in particular, were a special band, and this live footage – virtually none of which has been seen before – shows just why.

Because the film had been stored in boxes and forgotten about for so long, the quality here is varied. However, a good job has been done in ensuring it is at least watchable. What we get has energy, power and purpose. When you see this band pummelling through Want You (Baby) at CBGB in 1978 (among their first ever gigs), and bristling with fury on Butcher Baby two years later at a Long Island club, you appreciate why they deserve to be revered.

Shot by Plasmatics manager/ producer Rod Swenson, this DVD does Plasmatics’ legend credit.