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pg.lost album review – Versus

Instrumental Swedes pg.lost put some spice into their post-rock with new album

pg.lost album cover

In an age of tl;dr and instant gratification, it’s inspiring that the post-rock scene is still flourishing. Laughing in the face of gang vocals and catchy choruses, the chin-stroking subgenre takes the scenic route.

Sweden’s pg.lost are no strangers to this world, and Versus solidifies their passion for explorative and experimental music.

Less ethereal than Alcest, it has a dirtier, more rock’n’roll edge that permeates the spacious, glistening instrumentals, like the fuzzy swagger of Off The Beaten Path. The sci-fi synths and whirring electronics that echo through the album allow each song to flow and intertwine, opening new chapters on the journey. And while most post-rock bands rely on more a more melancholic atmosphere, the shimmering, uplifting guitars pull you free from the swamp of despair – most noticeably on Along The Edges. While not every song leaves a lasting impression, veering off down different tangents before subtle nuances can be absorbed, the unashamed ruggedness and craftsmanship make pg.lost stand out from the pack.