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October 31: Bury The Hatchet

Orgiastic, old-school metallers whiz through their video nasty collection

Deceased’s King Fowley has waged a one-man metal crusade for the best part of three decades, with a fanatical devotion to rock and metal, both obscure and mainstream, and total dedication to the riff.

With October 31 he has found likeminded souls to fight the good fight. Bury The Hatchet sees the Virginia maniacs in full-on, mouth-frothing 80s metal mode. Taking the late-NWOBHM proto-thrash sounds of Satan and Exciter as well as the savage crunch of early Anthrax and Exodus, the emphasis is on power but with a strong grasp of old-school hooks. The classic vibe carries through to the lyrics that, in the main, are inspired by the world of 80s VHS B-movies. The House Where Evil Dwells and Down At Lovers Lane are pure slasher fare, the riffs brimming with the promise of Technicolor gore and excessive violence. For those immersed in the world of patch jackets and vinyl, this will warm the studded cockles of your metal heart.

Via Hell’s Headbangers