Nonpoint: Miracle

Veteran nu metallers grow up.

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It’s taken over a decade and six studio albums, but at least Florida’s Nonpoint have found their niche.

The nu metal survivors here combine the edginess of that genre with an explosive sense of pop-rock sensibility. And it works rather impressively.

Led by the thunderous vocals of Elias Soriano, the band have come up with a set of tight and focused songs, with the title track (featuring Mudvayne singer Chad Gray) and Frontlines the real pick. With the involvement of the aforementioned Gray and Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett as co-producers, the band have opened up their musical horizons – and in the process sounding like they really could be a major international force.

New guitarist Zack Broderick has helped to galvanise them, in the process making Nonpoint leaner and tougher, while also far more accessible to occasional listeners.