Nexul - Paradigm Of Chaos album review

Primitive yet precise battery from Satan’s Texan wing

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Nexul’s form of bestial blackened DM rears its ugly clamour from the eccentric underbelly of the Texas legion known as the Ordo Satanae Imperium. Anyone familiar with the collective of OSI members Nyogthaeblisz and Hellvetron – whose ranks form two-thirds of Nexul – should know what to expect. Nexul’s elemental dirge harkens back to USBM’s satisfyingly primitive roots of Profanatica and Demoncy but with a more precise hostility and accuracy that takes the sound to a more accessible level. Sharing the same OTT intensity of bands like Black Witchery and Blasphemy but harbouring a more subtle balance of melody with madness, Paradigm Of Chaos cultivates an atmospheric mystique as opposed to straight-up sonically challenging bombardment. The production and clarity of Paradigm… also draws out the performance of each member to maximum effect, giving Nexul a more powerful and fully rounded sound – something often lost in the scathing attack and lo-fi hiss of their comrades. Don’t mess with Texas!