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Necrophagia: White Worm Cathedral

Blood, guts, screams, celluloid and Satan

Despite having spent the last three decades fusing filthy sonic extremity with classic horror shtick far more skilfully than most, Necrophagia remain nowhere near as celebrated as their seminal contribution to music deserves.

None of that has prevented Killjoy and his latest rabble of miscreants from making what could easily be their finest album yet. White Worm Cathedral is wickedly perverse and entertaining from start to finish, with every element in Necrophagia’s idiosyncratic sound nudged up a notch or five and enshrouded in a festering haze of creepy atmospherics and samples from cult movies. Dominated by either slow or mid-paced riffs that reach an twin apex of efficacy on the lobotomised Sabbath-isms of March Of The Deathcorp(s)e and the Omen-saluting choirs’n’quiverings of Rat Witch, these songs hail the genius of Argento, Fulci and Deodato amid a swirling maelstrom of buzzsaw bellicosity and eerie keyboard intrusions worthy of King Diamond himself. And when they finally let rip at top blasting speed on Silentium Vel Mortis, the horror metal kings confirm that no one does thrills, spills and horrified screams better. Join the cult of eternal terror now, folks.

Via Season Of Mist

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