Nazareth: Homecoming

2002 greatest hits set from Glasgow, now including DVD.

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This ‘sound and vision’ double digipak offers a one-stop shop of a show featuring a line-up of founders Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew, alongside Lee Agnew (drums), Jimmy Murrison (guitar) and the soon-to-depart Ronnie Leahy (keyboards).

Nazareth are usually strongest without keys and they certainly spoil Razamanaz, but Simple Solution and the ballad Hearts Grown Cold are well served by them. Bad Bad Boy aside, Murrison does full justice to the older, heavier material, but on the softer Holiday sounds heavy-handed.

McCafferty, though, is fabulous throughout, his throat switching effortlessly from angle-grinder (Beggar’s Day) to velvet glove (Dream On). This remains the only Naz album to feature Walk By Yourself, but a ticket for the quartet’s November gigs might be a better investment.