Myrath – Legacy album review

Tunisia’s cinematic prog-metallers spread their wings

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Last spotted on a British tour with Symphony X, Myrath (the name means ‘legacy’) are a Tunisian prog metal band now based in France.

Legacy is also the title of their fourth album, which brings to the boil a cauldron of intense musicianship, carefree songwriting and their own cultural perspective. The past decade has seen Myrath loosening the shackles of prog metal predictability, allowing Arabic folk influences to seep further into the stew.

The result is Mediterranean-kissed and deliciously spicy. Believer, The Needle and Storm Of Lies are propelled by crisp, hypnotising percussion and a set of dynamics befitting the soundtrack of a Sahara-based Hollywood blockbuster. However, the washes of colour provided by guest violinists and lute players and that enhanced sense of melody don’t completely diminish the album’s metal cred, Get Your Freedom Back ramming home its message of self-belief via a volley of taut riffs. Legacy won’t be for everyone, but adventurous souls will love it.