Moulettes: Constellations

Third LP from orchestral folk-proggers.

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Formed while the members were still teenagers, Moulettes meticulously blend their astute classical aptitudes with wide-eyed, contemporary shades.

Constellations was cooked up last year in studios, aged church buildings, caves (yes, caves) and bedrooms, and the end product marries very intimate, youthful wonderment with grand, majestic soundscapes. The orchestral, ‘avant-garde musical theatre’ soul here lends commanding narrative mystique. Lead vocalist/songwriter Hannah Miller has the pipes of a sweet, alt-folk troubadour (as if ever-resplendent in flower headband and cheesecloth). But bathed in dramatic, otherworldly choral layers, beat poet jibes and Floyd-meets-Pentangle richness, she is the mouthpiece for something huge, complex and compelling. Part-pagan, part-Eastern twists, sinister strings and hypnotic beats add spice to swerving harmonies in Between Two Mirrors. Tracks flit between mischievous electronic spurts and theatrical classical elements, with the waltzing The Night Is Young laced with velvety, bittersweet tragedy. It all makes for an album that’s original, thoughtful and bursting with life.

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