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Moon Safari: Live In Mexico

Second live document from The Flower Kings’ heirs.

Although this Swedish band ‘only’ have four studio albums out, this is already their second live offering.

And it’s a double-CD on top of that, though with its total running time of 79 minutes, one could ask why they had to spread this over two discs instead of fitting it on to one. Recorded last April at Baja Prog Festival in Mexico, this carefully crafted set only shares one track with 2012’s The Gettysburg Address (namely A Kid Called Panic). Granted, Moon Safari may hardly be the most complex nor the most inventive band on the planet, but they still have an almost cheerful vibe to them, and their vocal harmonies are to die for. And while for that night only they had enlisted former Black Bonzo drummer Mikael Israelsson, these versions differ little from the original yet sound even more uplifting live. On stage, epics like the 25-minute marathon Lover’s End Pt III even have an almost sophisticated pop vibe to them, with The Flower Kings’ Jonas Reingold ensuring a crystal clear mix (The Japanese import boasts a welcome extra track in Red White Blues). The Gettysburg Address remains the best introduction for newcomers, but this is still class A symphonic prog.