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Ministry: Last Tangle In Paris Live 2012

Weird Al rides again.

As surely as night follows day, and regret follows tequila, yet another Ministry live DVD arrives bang on schedule. Seriously, there seems to be a new one popping up every two months – and unfortunately frequency and quality are not a mutual guarantee.

This time they’ve pitched up in France, and rather than a straight live set it’s interspersed with rehearsal footage and interviews. A nice thought, but the execution is clumsy, the constant to-and-fro to the extra material breaking the flow of the concert, which itself hardly seems to be one of their vintage performances.

Frontman Al Jourgensen is always good value, his metal-and-fangs appearance getting more extraordinary by the year, and the music remains belligerently wonderful, but this DVD is likely to appeal to only the most blindly obsessive fans.