Midas Fall - Evaporate album review

Edinburgh electronica duo go fourth

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Midas Fall - Evaporate tracklisting

1. Bruise Pusher
2. Evaporate
3. Soveraine
4. Glue
5. Sword To Shield
6. Dust And Bone
7. Awake
8. In Sunny Landscapes
9. Lapsing
10. Howling At The Clouds

The sound Midas Fall make is that moment when you first wake up and push out of the blackness into consciousness, trying to remember the song that was playing somewhere in the wild skies of your dreams. Ethereal, haunting, bewitching – it’s easy to bandy adjectives about while trying to reach for the right descriptive tone for the music they make. There are notes of This Mortal Coil, nods to a Celtic past (they’re a Scottish duo, after all) and the sublime electronica that echoes a very early Chemical Brothers. There’s even a hint of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work in the beguiling Evaporate. Truth be told, though, they work on another plane. Their music makes you feel like you’re tethered to a thousand balloons and are being pulled, happily, into the endless blue above. There are strings that mourn, there’s regret, there’s the sun rising into a new day. This music is forlorn yet full of hope, and it encapsulates a yearning like no other record of recent times. It eddies, rises and falls, crashing up like the sea against the rocks at your feet and then flying away on an endless rise, its magical sound a softly returning, ever distancing echo.