Lordi album review – Monstereophonic

Finland’s monster rockers Lordi spawn a double-headed concept album

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Dissecting Lordi’s latest release within the context of their seven-album discography seems futile given that most people know them as ‘that monster band who won Eurovision’.

It’s been 10 years since they gave Europe the proverbial willies, which should warrant a greatest hits set but instead Lordi are putting out a 14-track album split into two ‘sides’, one of which is a thematic narrative about ‘The Undead Son, The Bloodsucking Count, The She-Wolf and The Witch’, showcasing a new more developed direction.

Fair play to them; if they set out to step it up a notch they’ve succeeded… sort of. Unlike the goofy horror rock thats saturated most of their discography, side B, aka ‘Demonarchy’, is an intriguing proposition crammed with thrashy riffs, theatrical turns, big choruses and blazing solos. It’s dramatic without being silly and although Mr Lordi’s gravelly lyrics make it hard to follow the story it’s a decent slab of metal that you can rock out to at your next Halloween shindig.