Lizzy Borden – My Midnight Things album review

The Californian shock rock master Lizzy Borden returns in style with My Midnight Things

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My Midnight Things

1. My Midnight Things
2. Obsessed With You
3. Long May They Haunt Us
4. The Scar Across My Heart
5. A Stranger To Love
6. The Perfect Poison
7. Run Away With Me
8. Our Love Is God
9. My Midnight Things (Reprise)
10. We Belong To The Shadows
11. Long May They Haunt Us (Reprise)
12. Silent Night
13. Waiting In The Wings (2018)

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Many draw lazy comparisons between Lizzy Borden and Alice Cooper, mainly because both American acts perform theatrical shock rock, are led by singers with female stage names and have employed revolving casts of backing musicians. Gregory Charles Harges has spent 35 years in the Lizzy Borden role and, as you’d expect, lyrical and musical styles are thoroughly defined: think supernatural violence set to fist-in-the-air anthems. 

With more than a decade of gestation time since his previous outing, Appointment With Death, a mediocre comeback would have been unforgiveable. Luckily, My Midnight Things stands (stackheeled) toe-to-toe with just about anything collected in what’s now a sizeable catalogue. 

Lizzy’s slightly shrill voice is wrapped around a set of tunes bonded by the unlikely theme of… er, love. Dig deep and it’s there, but mostly this is all about glitz, entertainment and a thunderous sense of melody.