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Kings Destroy: Kings Destroy

Well connected Brooklyn alt-doom quintet fizzle out

Kings Destroy may bring together prominent members of NYC’s musical community, be trumpted by members of Yob and Pentagram, and have shared stages with Trouble, Orange Goblin and Vista Chino.

But it’s impossible not to notice how much is absent from their sound and approach. If this was a new band’s debut, you could chalk up W2’s disconnected soloing, Mythomania’s sloppy transitions, and the overall lazy riffing to naivety and jitters but this is album number three and members have previous experience.

The usual stoner/doom influences are part of the game, but there’s an adherence to 90s alt-inspired outfits like QOTSA, Corrosion Of Conformity and Fu Manchu and an awkward collision of these worlds drags everything through the milquetoast muck.

Songs with disjointed flow (Green Diamonds) and not enough tension built to warrant being released (Time For War) hardly help matters either./o:p