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Kayleth: Space Muffin

Stoner rockers head for the nearest nebula

If this Italian quintet haven’t materialised on your radar yet, they soon will. Having previously self-produced, Kayleth have signed with label Argonauta Records, who specialise in doom, sludge and other grimy stoner rock outfits.

What strikes first when you play Space Muffin’s first track, Mountains, is their proficiency; this is a band whose playing is capable of blowing people away.

Space Muffin is their first release with the inclusion of synthesizers – a leap forward in their sound that creates a uniquely electrifying experience. They have expertly blended their quintessential sludgy stoner sonorities with a 60s spaceman vibe.

The eerie female Japanese voice at the beginning of Spacewalk is reminiscent of 90s acidic ambient music (think Cibo Matto) while NGC 2244 could easily fit into a trippy sci-fi film score. Added to this eclectic mix is a healthy dose of Orange Goblin-shaped hard-rock riffs and a splashing of psychedelia, creating a truly standout sound.

The final result is one giant acid trip, culminating in an explosion into the great unknown void of outer space and a real treat for the ears./o:p