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Katatonia: Dethroned And Uncrowned

Sorrowful Swedes apply string theory to Dead End Kings

In many ways Dethroned And Uncrowned is like an old What If? Marvel comic. Fan-funded via the Pledge scheme, the record is a re-imagining of last year’s critically acclaimed prog-fest, Dead End Kings.

It explores and expands on some of the record’s softer themes, textures and tones, offering fans and newcomers a chance to hear what might have been the first time round.

Eschewing drums and biting riffs in favour of ambient sounds and acoustic guitars, the 11-track album – which keeps the songtitles of its predecessor – is a trippy and tranquil listen that stands up in its own right. The likes of Leech thrive in this stripped-back style and what was once an interesting oddity is now an emotive, much more arresting track thanks to some creeping strings, haunting vocals and a ’less is more’ approach.

In places reminiscent to the work of Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, Dethroned… is a must-buy for fans of Dead End Kings and it’s a fascinating glimpse through the looking glass.