Jimmy Barnes: Hindsight

Old cuts, reimagined, on rocker’s 15th studio album.

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A huge deal Down Under (as former Cold Chisel frontman), less so in the UK (again, as former Cold Chisel frontman), Jimmy Barnes has maintained a prolific chart-topping solo career in Oz for more than 30 years.

Now he reanimates choice hits, teamed with different guests including Steven Van Zandt and Joe Bonamassa. Barnes’s songs are pleasant, roll-along affairs. Not bad at all. They’re just not that… well, good, either. Tellingly, one of the classiest elements is Bonamassa’s lush soloing in slowie Stone Cold.

Good Times and co provide sound AOR rock’n’roll fun, but we can’t shake off the itch that Jimmy’s pipes – though backed by a good band – are very past-it. God knows he gives it some welly, but those shrieks on Working Class Man? It’s present-day Rob Halford doing Painkiller and being strategically electrocuted at the same time – not ideal. Perfectly fine, with lovely moments, but a must-have for fans only./o:p